1600 jobs in CSG deal

1600 jobs in CSG deal

THIESS will move into overdrive to find an extra 1600 workers to deliver on a $1.8 billion contract it won yesterday from coal seam gas company QGC.

The CSG company already employs about 12,000 people, with another 18,000 at the three other CSG projects in Queensland.

The contract will come as welcome relief to the resources industry, which has shed about 7000 jobs since the end of the mining boom.

In the past week the Collinsville coal mine has been shut over a union dispute, with the loss of 400 jobs, while the Daunia coal mine was opened, creating a similar number of fly-in, fly-out jobs.

The Thiess project also has an emphasis on employing locals.

The Thiess contract, the biggest delivered by QGC after Bechtel’s construction of the LNG plant, is an extension of an existing deal to build six compressor stations and one processing plant and will push full-time jobs from 1000 to 2600.
Thiess will have to build 18 compressor stations in the Surat Basin and four processing plants that will prepare the gas for the export facility at Curtis Island, near Gladstone. The compressors remove water and impurities and compress the gas for transportation and have raised concerns in the farming communities over the noise and industrialisation of the region.
However, the plants, to be built in the Dalby, Wandoan and Chinchilla regions, will mostly be built on QGCowned land to reduce the impact.

The State Government has also introduced regulations allowing a big expansion in the type of community infrastructure developments that can be built on high-quality farmland in the region.
The regulations diluted the strategic cropping land legislation, which had already exempted CSG developments from bans on development.

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